How it works

Two easy steps to submit your online request and upload your medical records: 

1- Click Patient Registration

     Fill personal details and create a password. 

2- Send Your Request

    Once you have registered yourself as a patient, you can now send a request for one of our services.

Simply fill the required information:

    a. Country: where you want a medical specialist to take care of your medical case.

    b. Request Type: select the service you require

   c. Specialists list: select the type of medical specialist you are looking for

    d. Make the online payment

   e. Choose File: Upload all relevant medical records, including: pathology slides from biopsies and their reports; x-rays, MRI, CT scans and their reports; doctor's notes; blood work and other tests. 

    f. submit your Request

Important Notes

• Your request will be forwarded to Medical Specialists that match the Medical Speciality you had selected on your Request form. A medical specialist will provide with their medical diagnosis or second medical opinion and provide with treatment plan tailored to your medical condition. (Note: the Specialist doctor may request for additional medical tests for further medical investigation before providing with their medical advice).

• You can monitor the progress of your request through your personal account.

• Your local doctor should follow up the progress of your treatment plan and can communicate with the Medical specialist on your account to ensure best outcome.