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1. Diagnosis by a Medical Specialist

Medical investigation by your family doctor or primary care physician may reveal that your medical condition requires the diagnosis and treatment plan of a Medical Specialist.

You can select the country of residence of the Medical Specialist. And your family doctor or primary care physician can help you select the Medical Speciality you require.

You can monitor the progress of your request through your account. 

Our online platform ensures your request receives quick response from a highly qualified Medical Specialist.

2. Second Medical Opinion

Most people suffer from at least one wrong or delayed medical diagnosis during their lifetime. According to the latest data, Diagnostic errors are often incredibly harmful to patients as they may lead to delays in treatment, lack of treatment, inappropriate, or unnecessary treatment. This, in turn, can have physical, psychological, and financial consequences.

A second medical opinion provides you with peace of mind knowing that an international medical specialist will review your medical file and verify your diagnosis and treatment plan. This will help to:

· Reduce the chance of medical error

· Confirm your diagnosis

· Inform you about available alternative treatment options and recommend a treatment plan.

· Empower you to make informed decisions about the way to proceed with your treatment  based on clear information about your medical condition.

3. Cross-Border Treatment

Your medical case may require that you undergo a medical procedure or a surgery. In this case, you want the best available treatment. Optimal Diagnosis has developed an international network of top hospitals with state of the art technologies where you enjoy premium medical care performed by experienced surgeon doctors and qualified medical teams.

a. Quotation

Where a patient asks for a quote for a medical procedure or surgery  in a certain country/countries. Patient can enjoy our discounted rates from the medical providers.

You can obtain a quote on the complete medical procedure for the duration of your stay in the hospital.

You will receive a comprehensive quote within 7 working days.

Once you have decided to proceed with your treatment at the selected medical provider, you are kindly requested to inform us at least one week ahead in order to arrange for your treatment booking.

b. Treatment Booking

Once you have decided to use the services of the medical provider that issued the quote, some procedures may require that you pay the full amount of the total fees in advance (at  the quoted rate) to avoid being charged as a walk-in patient.

4. Logistics support

We can assist you in preparing your itinerary in the hosting country. this includes Hotel bookings, transportation, translator, and many other services you may need during your stay.