Welcome to Optimal Diagnosis Care

Your family doctor or primary care physician informs you that you need a diagnosis of a medical specialist.

Obtaining early diagnosis and receiving appropriate treatment help you avoid health complications and contribute to your early recovery.

Optimal Diagnosis Care provides you with this user-friendly and cost-effective online platform. Register yourself and obtain a free-of-charge online account. You can choose the country where you prefer to receive you treatment, select the type of medical service you require, make an online payment, upload your medical file, and immediately send your request to suitable medical specialists.

You can compare the cost of consultation fees and medical procedures between one country and another, and sometimes, between one city and another.

You can also explore our treatment packages and competitive pricing available to you. And if you need an estimate of a package of a certain surgery or medical procedure, we would sure be happy to help you.

Follow up the progress of your online request from beginning to end through your personal account. And update your electronic medical records to ensure that your medical history is available for your doctors and accessible to you at all times.

Rest assured that you and your accompanying family members will receive VIP treatment and extraordinary care around-the-clock during your treatment trip. We take care of accommodation, transportation, patient support, and many other services you require while visiting a foreign country.  

All you need is an internet connection and you will find a wealth of medical services at your fingertips.