About us

Optimal Diagnosis Care was founded to address the challenges that patients are met with when they require diagnosis of a medical specialist, seek a second medical opinion, or search for an appropriate medical facility to receive their treatment.

Our vision is to provide patients with reach and access to specialized medical services whenever they need it and beyond geographical limitations. This entails our commitment to harnessing the latest technologies and developing integrated medical services that reduce the overall cost of treatment.

Our Hi-Tech medical platform sets out to increase patients' chances of fast and complete recovery as we accelerate the process of placing the patients' medical files in the hands of experienced medical specialists suitable to treat their medical condition.

We aim to improve the quality of disease management and provide every patient with an online account. this allows the treating doctors to trace the progress of the medical conditions of their patients. Doctors can also use their patients' account to communicate and coordinate their medical intervention.

We are dedicated to offering quality healthcare services and achieving best patient outcome through innovation.