• What is a Medical Specialist ?
    Medical specialists are doctors who have completed advanced education and clinical training in a specific area of medicine (their specialty area)
  • Can I upload all my medical tests?

    Yes, you can upload all your relevant medical records, including: pathology slides from biopsies and their reports; x-rays, MRIs, and CT scans and their reports; doctor's notes; blood work and other testing. 

  • Do I have access the medical files that I had uploaded on this site?

    Yes, you can view your medical records through your online account, at all times.

  • Should I inform my family doctor or primary care physician of my online request for a specialist medical opinion?

    Yes, your family doctor or primary care physician should be informed and continue to follow up your medical case. This website offers a platform where your family doctor or primary care physician can communicate with the specialist to follow up your treatment plan and work together to ensure you obtain optimal results.

  • Can I choose my specialist doctor by name?

    No. Your treatment should not be delayed because you are still waiting for the availability and personal timetable of any one doctor.

    Instead, your online request is sent to a pool of experienced medical specialists of the medical speciality you require, and from the country you selected.

    the first medical specialist who accepts your request, will be automatically assigned to your medical case.

  • Can I choose the country where my medical file is sent?

    Yes, you do select the country where your request for a specialist's medical opinion will be sent. Many patients prefer a specialist who speaks their native language, or a country where they can travel to at ease if need be. 

  • Can I pay the fees of the medical specialist in cash?

    No, cash payments are not allowed. Medical specialist's fees are made online. 

  • Does the fees of medical specialists differ from one medical speciality to another?

    Yes, different medical specialists may have different consultation fees. 

  • Can you arrange for my hotel bookings?
    Yes. We can arrange for your hotel Booking and many other logistic services during your stay in the hosting country.
  • Would the cost of diagnosis differ if I select different country?

    Yes. Cost of medical diagnosis may differ from one country to another. while you fill the request form, you can see the amount of payment in the price box changing accordingly as you select different country. 

  • what if I do not find the medical specialty I require listed in your website?

    Some medical specialities may not be available in our listing. You can send us a mail explaining the medical speciality you are looking for.

    we shall seek a medical specialist that matches your request and inform you in order to complete your online request in timely manner.

  • What is disease management?

    Disease management is a system of coordinated heath care interventions and communications for defined patient populations with conditions where self-care efforts can be implemented. Disease management empowers individuals, working with other health care providers to manage their disease and prevent complications.

  • What is a partner?

    A partner can be a hospital, clinic, medical facility, or organization enlisted on our international network of medical providers. 

  • How do I join the medical network?

    Whether you are registering as a hospital or an individual doctor, the first step is to create your account on "Join our medical network" and send your online request to join.

    Next step is to log on to "my account" and add details of the doctor or group of doctors you want to include in your medical panel of doctors. 

    Doctors you add to your panel will be subject to validation before they are finally approved on the network.

  • Can I obtain a specialist's medical advice without previously seeing a primary care physician?

    No. A medical specialist would not provide with their medical opinion if the patient does not upload their updated medical reports filled by a primary care physician or family doctor.

    A primary physician has a critical role in screening the patient's medical condition and qualifying them for a specialist's medical advice.

    a patient's request for a specialist's medical opinion would continue to be pending until the patient provides with the complete medical reports and tests, as requested by the medical specialist.